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    Your 19-Day Plan to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

    When the calendar changes, it’s only natural to use it as extra motivation to get healthy, fit and back in shape. They say it takes two weeks for a habit to form, so we’ve developed a plan to in

    7 Dietitians Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

    In an ideal world, we’d all make smart, healthy decisions 365 days per year. In the real world, we’re often scrambling to undo some recent damage — say, eating too much or conveniently forgettin

    4 Ways to Make Dry January Better

    After cocktail-filled Christmas parties and a New Year’s Eve spent doing champagne toasts, it’s no surprise “dry January” often seems like a good idea. Skipping out on alcohol for 31 days sounds

    8 Healthy Podcasts For Everyone

    A great playlist used to be the key to motivating you through a long run or tough workout, but today, more and more people are turning to podcasts to pass the time — and learn as well. With more

    How Matt Dropped 100 Pounds and Landed His Dream Job

    I’ve you’ve ever neglected your physical health because of an overwhelming schedule, you’re not alone. Just ask Matt Galit, now a 33-year-old police officer in the San Francisco Bay Area, who on

    Tim Lost 177 Pounds After a Thanksgiving Day Aha Moment

    For Tim Heffington and his family, Thanksgiving Day 2014 was particularly special — it was the beginning of the first holiday season for his first grandson, who was only a few months old at the

    4 Reasons Why Breaking New Year’s Resolutions Is a Good Thing

    New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being broken — especially by mid-February. But slipping up doesn’t mean you should abandon your goals completely. Making mistakes is part of the process.

    Lauren Lost 103 Pounds After a Life-Changing Diagnosis

    Although she’d been dealing with stomach issues off and on for years, Lauren Council remembers the exact moment her pain changed everything. She recalls waking up one night in agony, feeling a h

    Libby Riddles on the What it Takes to Win the Iditarod

    Libby Riddles made history in 1985 when she became the first female to win Alaska’s 1,100-mile dog sled race known as the Iditarod. Braving temperatures of up to 60º F below zero, getting tossed

    How a Family Tragedy Motivated Jacob to Get Healthy

    In January 2017, Jacob Anselmo’s life changed forever. He had just learned his wife’s hard-fought battle with a rare and aggressive form of ovarian cancer would ultimately be a losing one. Ansel

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