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    How to Learn to Like Running

    I’ve completed three marathons, but I wasn’t born with an I-love-running gene. In middle school I dreaded the mile, and I dragged my feet the entire four laps when physical fitness testing came

    How to Find an Accountabilibuddy

    Every day, when I check Facebook, there’s an ad on the side of the screen promising, “one crazy trick” to six-pack abs, packing on muscle, or dropping fat, and that “I won’t believe it!” You mig

    Conquering the Plateau: An MFP User’s #ResolutionReset Journey

    Plateaus are usually associated with stunning views. Think of the Massif Central in France, the Tibetan Plateau, and the Colorado Plateau, all with infinite views from any point that the landsca

    9 Signs of Progress That Aren’t a Number on the Scale

    Think about what triggered your weight-loss journey. It could have been anything from being able to squeeze into an old dress again to appeasing your unrelenting doctor to staying around for you

    11 Hot Weather Workout Hacks from MFP Users

    Summertime heat can make it difficult to exercise outdoors. Beat the heat and stay active with these great hot weather workout hacks from fellow MyFitnessPal users. 1. Dial up a digital workout.

    Show Us Your Breathtaking Hikes

    Hiking is an incredible aerobic workout, and it’s even more enjoyable with unforgettable views of panoramic landscapes or rarely seen wildlife. Many of us have probably even planned hikes solely

    How Do You Push Yourself? 10 Tips from MyFitnessPal Users

    If you’re feeling short on motivation, you’re not alone. Everyone needs an extra boost from time to time. These user tips from the MyFitnessPal community will hopefully motivate you to get throu

    6 Tips on How to Run Long (When You’ve Never Run Long)

    So many runners hit a plateau fairly early on in training — we get stuck around the four- or five-mile mark for our longer runs and just never seem to get into volume. Sure, we can finish a 10K

    8 Tips to Motivate You to Work Out When It Gets Darker Earlier

    It’s dark when you leave for work in the morning. It’s dark when you come home from work in the evening. Suddenly working out during daylight hours is no longer an option. This is the time of ye

    Mandy & Conner Volpe Got Healthy With MyFitnessPal

    Mandy and Conner Volpe not only created a healthier lifestyle for themselves, but have lost a combined 176 lbs. — which is more than either of them weighs now! In December 2014, Mandy and Conner

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