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    Lisa Fields


    Is Raw Sugar Better For You Than Refined?

    When trying to eat healthier, one common strategy is opting for more nutritious versions of foods you already eat. For example, you might choose whole-grain bread in lieu of traditional white, o

    Why Walking 10,000 Steps a Day Is Arbitrary

    Whether you’re new to walking or just looking for an easy way to reach your weight-loss goals, you’ve likely heard the advice you should aim for 10,000 steps a day. For most people, this transla

    Why it Can Be Harder to Walk up Stairs Than Run a Mile

    If you’ve ever walked up several flights of stairs and felt more winded than the last time you ran a mile, it isn’t your imagination. “Stair-climbing requires more energy, or calories per minute

    5 Motivating Ways to Measure Weight-Loss Success

    When you’re trying to lose weight, an obvious measure of success is seeing the number on the scale drop. But weigh-ins can also frustrate or intimidate some people, and may not be the best metho

    9 Ways to Keep Your Appetite in Check This Summer

    Summer is the season for relaxation and spending more time outdoors, whether it’s unwinding at the pool or beach or going for a walk in a park. For many people, summer means taking vacation and

    How Using Your Five Senses Encourages Mindful Eating

    You’ve likely noticed the scent of fresh-baked pizza or a warm cinnamon bun is intoxicating on your way into a food court, but after you’ve eaten a well-balanced lunch, it’s significantly less a

    How to Keep Food Guilt From Blocking Weight-Loss Success

    It may seem like a Catch 22: The more you want to lose weight, the harder you try, then the more pressure you put on yourself only to feel discouraged and not see results and then potentially gi

    5 Reasons to Stop Eating Lunch at Your Desk

    Maybe you don’t have the time to go out to lunch most weekdays, or you’ve just grown accustomed to eating at your desk because it’s quick and easy. But eating lunch somewhere other than your wor

    How Soup Can Help You Drop Pounds

    When the weather cools off, you might be inclined to eat more soup. Not only is it warm and comforting but it can also be super nutritious, especially if it’s filled with low-calorie, fiber-rich

    Why Eating More Might Be the Secret for Weight Loss

    Oftentimes when you set out to lose weight, it involves deeming some foods ‘good’ and others ‘bad’ and restricting those in the latter category. This often backfires, however, because when you d

    5 Ways to Cultivate the Power of Positive Thinking (and Lose Weight)

    Positive perceptions about your own health and confidence in your healthy habits may be the secret weapons you need to reach your goals. A recent study showed men and women had similar perceptio

    4 Reasons Why Breaking New Year’s Resolutions Is a Good Thing

    New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being broken — especially by mid-February. But slipping up doesn’t mean you should abandon your goals completely. Making mistakes is part of the process.

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