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    Gift Giving Naturally

    Gift Giving Naturally

    If you\’re looking for a green gift idea, look no further. Our showcase of eco friendly gift ideas can be purchased at your local natural health store.

    Seeking a simple solution to holiday shopping this year? Lower your carbon footprint and do a one-stop shop at your local natural health store. You’ll find tons of unique gift ideas, many of them organic, fair trade, or made of recycled materials.

    From cookbooks to world music to natural skin care products, here are some suggestions for the people on your gift list. All items can be found in natural health stores across Canada, but not all stores stock every item, so check the websites provided to find a retailer near you.

    Grow your ownGrow your own

    Eco-culture home gardens are the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Each kit comes with everything needed to grow a variety of non-GMO plants, including herbs, tomatoes, sprouts, and chili peppers.

    For the eco-fashionista

    She’s so hard to shop for! Luckily, we’ve got the perfect gifts for the fashion-forward, environmentally conscious gal on your list.

    MaduraMe to We Madura T-shirt Dress

    This versatile organic cotton T-shirt dress is domestically produced by a company that employs ethical working conditions and donates 50 percent of profits to charity. Your style-savvy eco-girl will look great in this, and feel good about supporting Me to We’s responsible clothing line.

    GreenOneGreenOne Tote Bags

    Wrap your fashionista’s gift in one of these winter-inspired, 100 percent organic cotton tote bags. Save the paper and give her something she can use afterward—for shopping, for groceries, or as a fashion statement.

    Maggie\'sMaggie’s Functional Organics Poinsettia Scarf and Knee Highs

    Made from 100 percent certified organic cotton, this extra-long scarf is both stylish and fair labour certified. Cranberry-coloured socks to peek out of the top of her boots will complete your style icon’s look.

    *Splurge*: SodaStream System

    Make your own natural sugar-free sparkling water in delicious fruit flavours such as lime, berry, or orange. Turn tap water into your favourite carbonated beverage! With refillable CO2 containers and refillable soda bottles, waste is significantly decreased.

    For the tea steeper

    For some, there’s nothing better than a hot mug of tea on a cold day. Give the tea steeper on your list something to warm the hands and the soul.

    Nectaflor Assorted Honeys

    Sweeten up your friend’s day with some 100 percent natural gourmet honey from Nectaflor. Choose the flowery-sweet flavour of wild flower honey, the mild creaminess of acacia honey, or the intense, spicy flavour of forest honey.

    Vastu Chai Tea

    Sustainable, certified fair trade ingredients make Vastu Chai the perfect present for any tea lover. From chai to rooibos to green tea, each blend has been perfected to produce a satisfying cup of soul-warming goodness.

    Libre Tea Glass

    Avoid potentially harmful plastics: the Libre glass ’n glass tea transporter is beautifully crafted with double glass walls to keep tea at optimal temperature. The removable stainless steel filter lets you put loose-leaf tea directly in the glass, to enjoy teatime anytime.

    For the spa-goer

    Does your loved one revel in massages or float after a facial? Give her something she can pamper herself with at home.

    Big Dipper Wax Works Orb and Aromatherapy Candles

    These beautifully detailed candles are made with 100 percent pure beeswax. Scented with a blend of only the finest essential oils, each aromatherapy pillar has therapeutic properties, whether to calm, increase vitality, or strengthen the spirit.

    Eco-Culture by Seracon Dead Sea Bath Salts

    With a few candles lit around the bathtub, the spa-goer on your list can relax in a bath full of naturally scented Dead Sea salts, known to provide healthy, skin-soothing benefits.

    Scentuals Aromatherapy Wrap

    Use this scented wrap warm or cold to relieve muscle aches and pains or just to relax after a hard day’s work. The aromatherapy wrap is filled with 11 herbs, flaxseed, and calming lavender buds—and it’s washable!

    For the music lover

    This person on your list is one cool cat. Keep your music lover in tune with these great eco-friendly, health-enhancing, or just plain fun musical gifts.

    Origaudio Fold n’ Play Recycled Speakers

    These self-powered, foldable speakers made of recycled materials can be hooked up to any music device with a headphone jack. Get them in a variety of cool designs to suit any style.

    Shiva Rea’s Yoga Trance Dance

    This high-energy two-disc set will get the body moving. The first disc features guided meditations, yoga sequences, dance, chanting, and meditations. The second disc is music only, allowing the listener to move in whatever way feels good.

    Putumayo Reggae CDs

    A fantastic collection of Jamaican-influenced albums, Tribute to a Reggae Legend features artists from around the world paying homage to the one and only Bob Marley, while African Reggae commemorates his would-be 64th birthday. Putumayo has contributed over $1 million to various international charities working in areas where the music on its CDs originates.

    Stocking stuffers

    Fill your loved ones’ hearts with joy and their stockings with treats, straight from the shelves of your local natural health store.

    Wild Sweets

    These gourmet chocolates will satisfy the chocoholics on your list. With distinct flavours such as Vanilla Bean-Scented Maldon Salt with Sesame Wakame Brittle Praline, these melt-in-your-mouth creations are like edible pieces of art.

    Green & Black’s Chocolate

    Made with only the finest, ethically sourced organic cocoa beans, these rich, melty bars are great gifts—if you can give them away, that is.


    Made with organic ingredients and featuring intense flavours such as Chai and GingerMint, VerMints are the perfect stocking stuffer—and they come in a cute tin!

    Scentuals Lip Conditioners

    These moisture-rich balms made from 100 percent natural ingredients are the perfect remedy for chapped lips this winter; try Tangerine Dream or Vanilla Mint.

    For the green kid

    Yep, you can even find gifts that will make the child on your list beam with excitement.

    Clementine Art Supplies

    Made from natural, nontoxic ingredients and packaged in 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials, you can feel good about the child on your list getting a little messy with art.

    Green Toys Ecosaucer

    Everyone loves a flying disc. And who wouldn’t love one made from 100 percent recycled plastic grocery bags? Although the kids might not notice the greenness of this disc, you can feel good about giving it, knowing that you’re reducing the carbon footprint of the holiday season.

    Laptop Lunches Alien Bento Kit

    The lucky recipient of this alien-print lunch kit will look forward to lunchtime every day. Complete with alien carrier case, bento containers, water bottle, and a copy of The Laptop Lunch User’s Guide, this eco-friendly, kid-friendly lunch kit will ensure that the child on your list comes home with a full belly and a big smile.

    For the pet lover (and the furry friends)

    Do you ever notice how some people enjoy the company of their animals more than that of other people? Here are some great gifts for the animal lovers on your list.

    Ever Bamboo Room Deodorizer and Charcoal Bamboo

    Yet another use for bamboo! The charcoal bamboo is excellent for keeping birdcages smelling fresh, and the room deodorizer will help with the not-so-nice smells that come with owning any animal.

    Eco-Me Dog and Cat Box Sets

    These natural dog and cat kits are perfect for pet lovers. The dog kit comes complete with chemical-free flea and freshening spray and dry shampoo. Also includes recipes and a cookie cutter to make your own natural dog treats. The cat kit comes stocked with similar products, including a kitty litter freshener.

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