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    Marketing to Kids

    Over $2 billion dollars a year is spent on marketing to children. That\'s a shift from targeting parents to directly targeting children as consumers.When today’s parents were growing up, we weren’t cou

    Kids Need Sleep

    We don\'t automatically associate sleep disorders with children. Just how much sleep do children really need, and how can we help them get it?Every night Jackie McDonald faces a battle. The Calgary mot

    School Struggles

    As a parent, you want to help your child succeed in school. We offer simple steps to help you advocate successfully for your child.Jan Stewart clearly remembers the day she got a call from her son’s e

    Gift Giving Naturally

    If you\'re looking for a green gift idea, look no further. Our showcase of eco friendly gift ideas can be purchased at your local natural health store.Seeking a simple solution to holiday shopping this

    Mother's Day Meal

    Our Mother’s Day menu and recipes take the guesswork out of making Mom a dinner she’ll remember.My favourite Mother’s Day meal was the very first one my son ever made for me.He was three years old, an

    Helping Orchid Kids Blossom

    \"Orchid children\" are kids that dislike change, notice subtle smells or emotions, and usually do well on tests but may fail if being watched.An “orchid child” is one who dislikes change, notices subtl

    A Food Revolution in Schools

    Evidence is clear about the importance of healthy food choices in schools. Now many provinces have new school nutrition programs that teach good food choices.The Dieticians of Canada professional asso

    Calm and Self-Assured Kids

    Children can benefit from mind-body exercise. Performing yoga or tai chi increases confidence and the ability to focus on academic tasks.“Do not let the demands of an overly active world rob your chil

    Children's Natural Health Products

    What is the best supplement for kids? Vitamin D enhances absorption of calcium, reduces bone breakdown, and prevents rickets.Do you have memories of cringing away from a spoonful of cod liver oil? Luc

    Babies and children need to play

    The television used to be considered the electronic babysitter, but today a variety of screens are entertaining babies and children.The television used to be considered the electronic babysitter, but

    October is International Walk to School Month

    Walking to school promotes communities that are healthy, safe, environmentally friendly, and connected.Walking to school can be an important part of an active lifestyle, but many kids are driven to cl

    Curious students achieve academic success

    Intelligence, hard work, dedication … we associate these traits with academic success. But researchers have found that curiosity is just as important.Intelligence, hard work, dedication … we associate

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