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    Babies and children need to play

    The television used to be considered the electronic babysitter, but today a variety of screens are entertaining babies and children.The television used to be considered the electronic babysitter, but

    October is International Walk to School Month

    Walking to school promotes communities that are healthy, safe, environmentally friendly, and connected.Walking to school can be an important part of an active lifestyle, but many kids are driven to cl

    Curious students achieve academic success

    Intelligence, hard work, dedication … we associate these traits with academic success. But researchers have found that curiosity is just as important.Intelligence, hard work, dedication … we associate

    Future obesity predicted in young children

    Researchers at the University of Montreal can predict whether children will become obese by observing their mothers’ behaviour around the time they give birth.Obesity is a widespread and well-publiciz

    Celebrate the holidays with symbolic Christmas gifts

    In the true spirit of the holidays, these organizations offer gift-giving programs that benefit those less fortunate.Looking for the perfect non-material holiday present? In the true spirit of the hol

    Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway: Enter to Win!

    Celebrate the season naturally and in style with alive’s Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway.Are you drooling over the delicious gourmet treats and dreaming of the stylish eco-friendly products featured in o

    Choose eco-friendly wrapping paper options

    Not only is wrapping paper expensive and harmful to the environment, it’s not necessary! There are tons of other options for eco-friendly holiday present wrapping.Not only is wrapping paper expensive

    Give a non-material gift this holiday

    Whether you want to give something to the person who has everything, or want to avoid unnecessary packaging, a non-material gift is a great idea!Whether you want to give something to the person who ha

    Toddlers Need Nap Time

    Many young children aren’t getting enough sleep. A recent study shows that when toddlers skip just one nap they become anxious, unhappy, and frustrated.Ah, nap time! I’m not sure who looks forward to

    One Week Left: Enter to Win a Gift Basket!

    There’s one week left to be entered in the draw for our Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway so sign up now!There’s one week left to enter our Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway!Four lucky readers will win a gift b

    How Do You Entice a Picky Eater?

    What’s visually appealing on the plate depends on your age. To entice a picky eater, offer them a plateful of food items in different colours.Do you have problems appealing to the picky eater in your

    Let the Kids Play!

    Researchers are weighing in on children’s activity levels. A new study finds barriers include concerns about safety, focus on academics, and financial constraints.You’d think that tackling the subject

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