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    13 Tips For Losing Weight Without Going Broke

    If you think you need to spend a lot of money to lose weight, you can blame the expensive juice detoxes and plans that call for super powders and other uncommon ingredients. While you can spend

    12 Ways to Deal With Nighttime Munchies

    After a full day of keeping willpower on high, sometimes it’s only a matter of time before we drop our guard and fall victim to the dreaded midnight snack attack. So, if willpower has wilted awa

    The Not-So-Secret Key to Weight-Loss Maintenance

    If you’re finding it challenging to stick with your weight-loss goals, you’re not alone. Perhaps you find your weight fluctuates, and a permanent loss of pounds feels impossible, but there’s hop

    What a 150-Calorie Dessert Looks Like

    Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean skipping dessert entirely. Ignoring your cravings and swearing off chocolate for good, for example, can land you in a chocolate ice cream binge, which doesn’t

    8 Common Side Effects of Weight Loss Nobody Talks About

    When we begin a weight-loss journey, we often have a vision of what our body and life will be like when we reach our goal weight. But the reality is typically different. “Weight loss is somethin

    Is Monk Fruit a Good Sugar Substitute?

    Efforts to cut down on processed sugar might be at an all-time high, which means that demand for healthier sugar alternatives is, too. That’s probably why monk fruit sweetener is starting to pop

    Is the Quality of Calories More Important Than Quantity?

    When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s almost impossible to bite into a rice cake without being offered diet advice: Cut carbs, limit fat, drink shakes, you name it. Is one approach better than

    3 Keys for Weight Loss You Need to Know Now

    Cardio work, strength training and counting calories and macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat) are the three big components of weight loss. You should be doing all three, but each of these is

    5 Healthy Fast-Casual Restaurants to Try

    Now, more than ever, fast food drive-thrus are no longer the only option when you need a quick meal. Instead, fast-casual restaurants like Chipotle and Panera have started to take over. Focusing

    6 Ways to Motivate When Weight Loss Gets Tough

    Achieving your weight-loss goals involves so much more than just saying no to dessert. For many, the journey to becoming healthier and dropping to your goal weight is a lifestyle change. It’s ab

    Want to Lose Weight? Slow Down at Mealtime

    Sometimes speed eating is hard to avoid: You overslept and scarfed down a quick breakfast before work, for example. But regularly racing through your meals could be taking its toll on your waist

    Is Fast Weight Loss or Slow Weight Loss Better for Long-Term Success?

    To some extent, everyone wants immediate results — especially when it comes to weight loss (cue fad diets and “miracle” diet pills). Eating healthy, staying active and cutting calories are prove

    2 Major Myths About Calories to Reconsider

    One of the most common sayings in nutrition and fitness is: “calories in, calories out.” That means if you want to lose or maintain weight, you need to take in fewer calories than you expend. Th

    Should You Weigh Yourself? 3 Signs to Step Off the Scale

    About a decade ago, I quit smoking a pack a day and started eating a pint of ice cream every day instead. After six months of being fueled by cookie-dough varieties and whimsical Ben & Jerry’s c

    What’s the Most Effective HIIT Format for Weight Loss?

    There’s a reason high-intensity interval training (HIIT) was named the number 1 fitness trend for 2018: It works. Fitness newbies and workout veterans alike continue turning to these quick, inte

    Can Dieting Damage Your Metabolism?

    When it comes to losing weight and maintaining weight loss, diets are obviously a popular choice — but what kind of effect can loss (and, realistically, gaining some back) have on your metabolis

    Which Is Harder: Losing Weight or Keeping it Off?

    When your goal is to lose weight, being tunnel-vision focused on dropping those pounds isn’t totally a bad thing. The more you focus, the more likely you are to stick to your plan, even when you

    The Big Connection Between Stress and Weight Gain

    When it comes to your weight and fitness goals, maybe you’re crushing it in the kitchen and the gym. Your macros are a thing of beauty, your cardio and strength mix is consistent and individuali

    New Dad (or Mom)? Try These Baby-Friendly Workouts

    Dear New Father, Well done: You now have a baby of your own, and that means you now possess a love that knows no bounds, not to mention a vulnerability that knows no depth. It also means you’re

    6 Ways Restaurants Could Be Killing Your Diet (and How to Change It)

    When it comes to losing weight, it starts with diet. But it’s not about depriving yourself of all that is good in this world; it’s about making smart choices, educating yourself and watching por
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