Tuesday, June 6, 2023


    Persuading Kids to Skip Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

    Sugar-sweetened beverages are contributing to obesity in children. But researchers have found a way to get the message about their calorie content across to kids.Since Kim Mitchell sang “Go for a Soda

    Can Hugs and Kisses Ward off Future Illness?

    A new study finds that children of families with low socioeconomic status who had nurturing mothers had better health in midlife than those with less caring mothers.In another chapter of the nature ve

    Am I Pretty Or Ugly?

    Children as young as five years old are unhappy with their body image, and some six-year-old girls want to look \"sexy.\" What can parents do to counteract the destructive messages that kids receive thr

    Relationship Detox

    Having a well-functioning intimate relationship is good for our health. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a huge strain on many couples. According to Dr. Lisa Destun, a clinical psychologist at O

    Veg Out

    I tried not to panic when my 14-year-old daughter, Emily, decided to adopt a vegetarian diet. As a growing teen, would a vegetarian diet affect her health?I tried not to panic when my 14-year-old daug

    Healthy Giving

    Let alive\'s holiday gift guide simplify your holiday shopping. Our selection of eco-friendly, healthy gifts are available at natural health retailers across Canada.’Tis the season for catching up with

    Want to See Better Report Cards for Your Kids? Let Them Play!

    The benefits of regular physical activity for children are many. Now researchers are consistently finding a link between regular exercise and better academic performance.How do you help your children

    Candy Increases Kids' Exposure to Titanium Dioxide

    Kids love candy. But besides elevating sugar levels, candy and other processed foods also expose children to nanoparticles of titanium dioxide.The most popular Valentine gifts are flowers, chocolate,

    Things to Do with Dad this Father's Day

    Dad’s a pretty special guy. This Father’s Day, give him what he really wants - time with you!Dad’s a pretty special guy. This Father’s Day, give him what he really wants—time with you!Choose the perfe

    A Healthy Diet Can Improve Kids' IQ

    Australian researchers have found that children who eat a healthy diet score higher on IQ tests than kids who eat junk food.As parents, we always want to give our kids the best chance in life. A recen

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