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    Kevin Gray


    How Meal Kit Subscriptions Can Change Your Eating Habits

    After a long day of working, taking care of your family, running errands or otherwise dealing with all of life’s obligations, cooking dinner is often the last thing you want to do. That goes dou

    10 Ways to Burn 300 Calories With Summer Sports

    Activities like running and cycling are winners any time of year, but if you’d like to mix things up this summer, look to fun seasonal sports like beach volleyball, swimming and stand-up paddleb

    10 Water Sports to Torch up to 800 Calories

    Summer is officially upon us, and with all this sunshine and heat comes opportunities to vanquish both in the water. Whether it’s swimming laps in the pool, playing a sport or skiing around a la

    What You Need to Do When You’re Not Losing Weight

    Anyone who’s trying to drop some pounds knows it requires healthy eating, being active and … a lot of patience, dedication, commitment and perseverance. Sometimes it’s difficult to get things st

    7 Dietitians Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

    In an ideal world, we’d all make smart, healthy decisions 365 days per year. In the real world, we’re often scrambling to undo some recent damage — say, eating too much or conveniently forgettin

    From Wheelchair to Gym: How Cesar Lost 185 Pounds

    Cesar Salazar was 31 years old when an injury placed him in a wheelchair. He was working in the parts department of a car dealership in Houston in 2014 when a small accident damaged his lumbar s

    How Jenn Overcame Tragedy and Lost 115 Pounds

    Like many people, Jenn Wolfe struggled with food. She turned to it in good times and bad, and she had trouble maintaining a healthy weight. These issues were magnified in 2013 when, after becomi

    How Bahar Lost 120 Pounds After a Travel Disappointment

    Bahar Nessa loves to travel. In her 20s, she backpacked across Southeast Asia for three months and visited Egypt for a month, finally seeing the pyramids she’d always imagined. But once she got

    Kaylin Lost 100 Pounds by Counting Calories and Walking

    Like many young adults, Kaylin Gealy’s early 20s were full of changes. She graduated from college, bringing her softball tenure to an end. She also started a new career and replaced waitressing

    Matt’s 10-Year MyFitnessPal Streak Helps Him Maintain a 130-Pound Weight Loss

    In May 2010, Matt Aghedo was watching “The Biggest Loser” on TV. Weighing about 360 pounds at the time, he noted his weight wasn’t far off from some of the contestants on the show. It was eye-op

    Yuri Dropped 100 Pounds and Took up Bodybuilding

    Yuri Diogenes is shredded. The 46-year-old Keller, Texas, resident painstakingly sculpts his physique and competes in bodybuilding competitions, but it wasn’t always this way. In 2010, he weighe

    Danielle Put Herself First and Dropped 50 Pounds

    Like a lot of moms, Danielle Rivoli always put her family first. In 2018, after a few years staying home with her kids — following a career in corporate sales — the Long Island, New York, reside

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