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    Elizabeth Millard


    5 “Healthy” Trends That May Lead to Bloating

    Everyone strives for a healthier diet, but loading up on nutritious options may require some adjustment, especially for your digestive system. “When you add a lot more healthy options into your

    3 Ways Weight Loss Changes Your Brain

    There’s plenty of emphasis from health and fitness professionals on how excess weight affects the body — not just related to appearance, but also in terms of insulin resistance, cardiovascular e

    Gout Is on the Rise (Here’s How to Prevent It)

    With rising obesity and more meat consumption, gout is back on the medical radar — and even keto and low-carb diets may have an effect on risk. Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that affe

    Losing Weight During and After Menopause

    Menopause can bring numerous side effects that range from irritating to life disrupting — including mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, depression, fatigue and dryness down there —

    4 Signs of Perimenopause That May Affect Your Weight

    Menopause has a clear definition that helps women know when they’re on the other side of their fertility. It’s the point when menstrual cycles permanently cease, and you’re considered to be meno

    How Yo-Yo Dieting Really Affects Your Body

    You start your health journey in a dramatic way, by significantly changing your diet — maybe choosing a trendy option that’s all about big weight loss in a short time. And it works. But once you

    Can Yoga Help With Weight Loss?

    When it comes to an intense calorie burn, very few forms of yoga would likely qualify on the same level as, say, a spinning class or bootcamp session. In a physically demanding yoga class that m

    3 Reasons Strength Training Helps You Lose Weight

    Cardio workouts definitely have their place when it comes to weight loss, since you can burn a nice amount of calories in high-energy classes, on long runs or crushing it on the elliptical. But

    The Big Link Between Burnout and Weight Gain

    Sometimes, it can feel like you’re on the right track with nearly everything — eating healthy, logging your food, getting enough sleep, making exercise a consistent priority and staying hydrated

    The Negative Impact of Yo-Yo Dieting on Your Muscles

    As you age, there is a certain amount of muscle mass loss and function that occurs in a process called sarcopenia, starting in your 30s and picking up steam with every decade. Although this is a

    How Eden’s New Year’s Resolution Helped Her Lose 200 Pounds

    Every bride looks forward to seeing her wedding photos, but for 29-year-old Eden Sanboeuf, revisiting that happy day came with some major mixed feelings. “That was when I was at my heaviest, fou

    5 Common Habits That Sabotage Your Self-Control

    Discipline, willpower, motivation — these are all great to have when you’re focusing on building healthy habits, but they don’t come out of nowhere. Although you might feel an initial rush of wi

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