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    Jackie Veling


    How Matt Dropped 100 Pounds and Landed His Dream Job

    I’ve you’ve ever neglected your physical health because of an overwhelming schedule, you’re not alone. Just ask Matt Galit, now a 33-year-old police officer in the San Francisco Bay Area, who on

    How a Family Tragedy Motivated Jacob to Get Healthy

    In January 2017, Jacob Anselmo’s life changed forever. He had just learned his wife’s hard-fought battle with a rare and aggressive form of ovarian cancer would ultimately be a losing one. Ansel

    How David Turned a New Year’s Resolution Into a New Life

    You’ve probably heard people’s skepticism about New Year’s resolutions. Though well-meaning, resolutions rarely lead to real, lasting change. David Rastetter, a 49-year-old from Palm Coast, Flor

    Elizabeth Lost More Than 100 Pounds While Eating All Foods

    When Elizabeth Simion, a business analyst and MBA student in Austin, Texas, began looking for a job, she worried her weight would hold her back. Simion was all too aware of the prejudice against

    Mallory Lost 100 Pounds By Avoiding Quick-Fix Diets

    Mallory King may have lost almost half her body weight in 2013, but it wasn’t in the “quick-fix” way so many restrictive diets advertise. “One thing that really inspires people about my story is

    This Stay-at-Home-Mom Dropped 60 Pounds by Making Small Changes

    Like many parents, Sarep Baggott struggled to find time for herself. As a mom to a 6-year-old boy and a 6-month-old girl, Baggott put all of her time and energy into caring for her young family,

    Jason’s 100-Pound Weight Loss Started with Getting Sober

    Jason Urban’s journey to getting healthy started with one important step: getting sober. The now-39-year-old dog walker and pet caregiver from Austin, Texas, used to live a very different life a

    Mark Tried Countless Diets Before Losing 100 Pounds With MyFitnessPal

    Mark Gibson is no stranger to diets. Whole30, Atkins, South Beach, Nutrisystem — he’s tried them all. Gibson has struggled with his weight for most of his life and can remember hitting 200 pound

    Christy Overcame Bullying and Lost 100 Pounds

    It was 2016 when Christy Justus was just starting a date night with her husband. As she slid into a restaurant booth, she made a startling discovery: She couldn’t fit. As she tried to scoot furt

    Joel Lost 240 Pounds with Small, Manageable Changes

    For those looking to lose weight in the new year, Joel Reed has one piece of advice: Start small. Really, really small. After all, the 24-year-old Texas-native knows what he’s talking about. Aft

    How This Combat Veteran Used MyFitnessPal to Help Treat His PTSD

    In 2006, Jason Kander deployed to Afghanistan as an Army intelligence officer. His job involved traveling dangerous roads in unarmored vehicles to meet with men whose allegiances weren’t always

    Molly Ditched Low-Calorie Diets and Lost 98 Pounds

    When someone is on a weight-loss journey, it can be surprisingly easy to jump from a healthy, balanced diet to over-restricting and living in deprivation. That’s what Molly Agnew, a 26-year-old

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