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    Healthy International Recipe: Serbian Vegetable Soup

    This earthy, simple, hearty soup draws its roots from the Serbian lower class, but its bright, layered flavors make it a modern favorite with no socioeconomic b

    Healthy International Recipe: Nicaraguan Elotes

    Nicaraguan Elotes (Street Corn with Lime & Cotija Cheese) Elotes, or grilled corn brushed with mayonnaise and coated in chili powder and cotija cheese, are a po

    Healthy International Recipe: Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng)

    Indonesian fried rice, like most national dishes, comes in infinite variations and types. Yet in most of these variations, a few ingredients remain constant. Sh

    Healthy International Recipe: Italian Pesto Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes and Arugula

    Pasta is as ubiquitous in Italy as fish in the sea. Many of the most famous and beloved Italian pastas come swathed in deliciously decadent and creamy sauces th

    Healthy International Recipe: Cypriot Grain Salad with Lemony Yogurt & Pomegranate

    Local food in Cyprus draws inspiration and flavors from all around the Mediterranean. Greek, Turkish, Italian, French, and Middle Eastern influences all contrib

    Healthy International Recipe: Maple Glazed Salmon with Wild Mushrooms

    Geographically the second largest country in the world, Canada’s cuisine varies greatly from coast to coast. Spanning the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, and d

    Healthy International Recipe: Guatemalan Black Bean & Sweet Potato Tostadas

    Tostadas are a favorite food in Guatemala, best enjoyed in a large group of friends and family. Easy to assemble and endlessly personalizable, these tostadas le

    Healthy International Recipe: Peking Duck

    Peking duck, originally prepared for emperors during the imperial era, is now considered a traditional classic dish in Hong Kong. Though this dish takes a consi

    Healthy International Recipe: Costa Rican Ceviche

    Costa Rica’s abundance of fresh seafood lends itself perfectly to ceviche. Naturally high and protein and low in fat, ceviche’s raw preparation makes it a breez

    Healthy International Recipe: Provencal Scallops with Dijon Lentil, Kale, & Tomato Salad

    French food gets a bad reputation for its heavy, rich, and decadent meals. But aside from all the butter, cheese, and chocolate, traditional French food often u

    Healthy International Recipe: Lemony Moroccan Lentil Soup with Minted Yogurt

    In Morocco, families take great time and effort to prepare their own versions of the lentil soup called Harira. Especially enjoyed during Ramadan, Harira typica

    Healthy International Recipe: Kenyan Vegetarian Coconut Curry with Coconut Rice

    Kenyan food expresses the confluence of cultures present in the country, largely stemming from centuries of imperialism and trade. Traditional Kenyan foods are

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