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    Healthy Recipe: Bosnia and Herzegovina Style Pea Soup

    This thick, hearty, and satisfying soup is a lightened up version of a traditional classic. This soup has been around for hundreds of years, and every family ha

    Healthy International Recipe: Italian Pesto Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes and Arugula

    Pasta is as ubiquitous in Italy as fish in the sea. Many of the most famous and beloved Italian pastas come swathed in deliciously decadent and creamy sauces th

    Chubby Pilots and the Rest of the Week in Travel and Health

    The stereotypical pilot is a dashing figure – tall, lean and handsome, a Master of the Universe-type who appears to have a perfect and exciting life.  Of course

    Healthy International Recipe: Bangers and Mash

    A hallmark of classic British food, bangers and mash have taken a turn for the upscale in recent years. But taking this famous meal out of the pub and into the

    The Best Places in the World and the Rest of the Week in Travel and Health

    Courtesy: Lonely Planet has spoken, and now your travel itinerary for 2014 should be just about set. This week, the online guide to the globe rel

    Healthy International Recipe: Norwegian Roasted Salmon with Hasselbeck Potatoes, Quick Pickle Cucumbers, and Dill Sour Cream Sauce

    Surrounded by crystal clear and pristine waters, Norway produces some of the best wild salmon in the world. Fish features prominently in Norwegian cuisine, and

    Healthy International Recipe: Argentine Asado and Chimichurri

    Due to its vastly differing cultural regions, traditional food spans a broad range throughout Argentina. Italian influences bring pasta and gelato, Welsh commun

    Healthy International Recipe: Australian Fish and Chips

    If you’re dining out in Australia, chances are you won’t have to look very hard to find a freshly fried platter of fish and chips. Given that Australia boasts o

    Best Foods and Meals for the Health Conscious Traveler

    We all know how difficult it can be to stick to a healthy diet when traveling. Whether you’re visiting a friend for the weekend or going on a weeklong vacation

    Healthy International Recipe: Shrimp and Scallion Steam-fried Dumplings with Ginger Soy Dipping Sauce

    Dumplings are served and eaten as a mainstay all over China. Eaten at any meal, any time of day, as a starter or as the main event, dumplings in China come in a

    Filipino Flooding, and the Rest of the Week in Travel and Health

    Last week, we warned you to avoid Egypt because of the violent military crackdown (still good advice). This week, The Philippines are global hot spot to avoid,

    Healthy International Recipe: Greek Roasted Mackerel and Tzatziki

    With all its coastal regions, fish holds a central place in traditional Greek food. Fresh, whole fish is easy to find, and simple, quality ingredients help make

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