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    Best Foods and Meals for the Health Conscious Traveler

    lettuce wrapsWe all know how difficult it can be to stick to a healthy diet when traveling. Whether you’re visiting a friend for the weekend or going on a weeklong vacation to Amsterdam, the gluttonous temptations are all around.

    But there’s no reason why you can’t travel and still follow your healthy eating habits. While you should still look for nutritious menu items when dining out, you also have the option of bringing healthy foods along with you on your trip. And if you’re not staying in a suite with a convenient kitchen, there are plenty of meals and snacks you can whip up without one.

    While the food you bring will also depend upon your mode of transportation—you wouldn’t want to sacrifice precious luggage space for grocery bags full of fruits and veggies—you can always pick up some supplies when you arrive at your destination. When booking accommodations, be sure to request a room that has a mini fridge to keep your food fresh and prevent it from spoiling.

    Nutritionista and media personality, Meghan Telpner, recommends a few staples when traveling. These include apples, red peppers, avocados, lemons, cucumbers, collard greens, mixed greens, crackers, trail mix, and granola. She also recommends purchasing hummus and your favorite nut butter, such as peanut or almond.

    While any of these items can make great light snacks in and of themselves, you can also pair various ingredients together to make a light meal. For example, Meghan recommends making refreshing veggie wraps using the collard greens as a substitute for a tortilla. You can also make crackers with nut butter or even a colorful salad.

    In addition to those ideas, you can also try these healthy travel treats:

    • Trail Mix: Combine a nutritious cereal, such as Cheerios or shredded wheat, pretzels, almonds, popcorn, dried fruit and small pieces of dark chocolate for a sweet and savory treat. You can also add some wasabi peas for an extra kick.
    • Granola Larabars: Larabars, which consist of simple whole food ingredients, such as nuts, dates, and peanut butter, have been the latest craze among health conscious travelers. Click here for an easy-to-make recipe, which can be prepared at home or at your travel destination.
    • Snack Box: Wash and slice up some veggies and fruit and pack in a to-go container along with a dip, such as hummus. This is especially great for those heading out on a road trip.
    • Homemade fruit leathers: A sweet treat loved by both kids and adults, this homemade recipe for fruit leather is a healthier alternative to those processed fruit roll ups.


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