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    Good Parenting Is a Better Predictor for Academic Success

    Good Parenting Is a Better Predictor for Academic Success

    When it comes to a student’s academic success, studies show it’s the parents that matter.

    A new study from North Carolina State University, Brigham Young University, and the University of California, says that good parenting is a better predictor of a child’s academic success than the qualities of a particular school.

    The researchers collected data from more than 10,000 students and their respective parents, teachers, and school administrations. The study looked at two key areas in each child’s life: family social capital, which includes factors such as the trust between parents and children, communication, and the parents’ involvement with school life; and school social capital, which looks at factors such as student involvement in extracurricular activities, teacher morale, and the ability of teachers to address their students’ needs.

    The results show that children with high family social capital and low school social capital perform better academically than children with low family social capital and high school social capital.

    Be a team player

    A successful school year requires that everyone does their part. How can you help your child succeed at school?

    • Help your child with homework.
    • Help your child develop skills to manage time and stay on task.
    • Talk about school issues at home.
    • Ask teachers what else you can do to help your child at home.

    Healthy bodies = healthy minds

    It’s important that our studious children eat proper meals that provide a balanced diet. Good nutrition can affect alertness, mental agility, and the ability to focus.

    Mind-body exercise can not only offer a number of health benefits and improved fitness, but it can also increase focus and cognitive performance.


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