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    Brazil: Eat this, not that

    carnede secaBrazilian food is simple, delicious and filling. As is the case in most destinations, if you want a taste for the real local food, try street food. Here are some that I sampled on a recent trip there.

    To Eat:

    • Feijoada. The national dish served everywhere from the street market to the finest restaurants is a very healthy choice. Boiled rice is mixed with cooked beans, chipotle papers, garlic, tomato and sweet potatoes. A great choice for vegetarians.
    • Coxinhas with salsa. Probably the most popular snack in Brazil is coxinhas with salsa. Little dough balls stuffed with chicken thigh and cheese cream. They go perfectly well with hot salsa.
    • Carne Seca. Brazilians say you can only try Carne seca on a street. It is a little sliced cake with dry pork that tastes unbelievably tasty with sugar cane juice.
    • Banana dessert. Brazilians use all of their food, so when bananas go brown, they make a dessert out of it. Bananas are mixed with fried sugar and cream cheese, usually served on toast.

    Not to eat:

    • Ice-cream. Ice-cream in Brazil is not worth trying, it’s thick and tasteless. Pick-up a fresh juice instead.
    • Pizza. Brazil is definitely not the place to try pizza. Just think of a pizza with regular ketchup on top and you will get the idea.

    Guest Author: Paula Green
    Paula Green is an IT specialist who loves to spend her free time travelling. Right now she is a part-time editor for Spanish tutoring service.


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