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    Brazil: Eat this, not that

    Brazilian food is simple, delicious and filling. As is the case in most destinations, if you want a taste for the real local food, try street food. Here are som

    Want to make your healthy food taste better? Food Prep 101

    The #1 way to avoid stopping at your local fast food joint on the way home from work because you’re too tired to prepare dinner is this: Know how and be prepare

    The Ultimate Yachtie Hangover Cure

    It’s been a long time since I’ve had a mind numbing, gut wrenching, soul-sickening hangover. In fact, I can’t imagine ever having one again. However, I still en

    Tips for Managing Food Allergies on a Cruise Ship

    For anyone who suffers from a severe food allergy, you give strict attention to the ingredients in your kitchen and are on guard whenever you eat at a restauran

    Top Five Beverages: The Good and the Bad

    In addition to choosing healthy snacks when you’re traveling, you should give equal attention to your beverage choices. As you can see from the list below, calo

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