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    Healthy Recipe: Lightened Up Italian Wedding Soup

    This lightened up version of the classic Italian Wedding Soup is packed with metabolism boosting protein and lots of healthy greens. You won’t even miss the pas

    Healthy Recipe: Bosnia and Herzegovina Style Pea Soup

    This thick, hearty, and satisfying soup is a lightened up version of a traditional classic. This soup has been around for hundreds of years, and every family ha

    Healthy International Recipe: Serbian Vegetable Soup

    This earthy, simple, hearty soup draws its roots from the Serbian lower class, but its bright, layered flavors make it a modern favorite with no socioeconomic b

    Healthy International Recipe: Lemony Moroccan Lentil Soup with Minted Yogurt

    In Morocco, families take great time and effort to prepare their own versions of the lentil soup called Harira. Especially enjoyed during Ramadan, Harira typica

    Healthy International Recipe: Senegalese Peanut Soup

    With Senegal being one of the biggest producers of peanuts in the world, peanuts feature prominently in their cuisine. Naturally high in protein and healthy fat

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