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    Julia Malacoff


    10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight, According to RDs

    Anyone working on losing weight and creating healthy habits can tell you it takes time, dedication and patience. It also takes knowledge about what does and doesn’t work for you individually, wh

    Why Giving in to Cravings Could Be the Key to Weight Loss

    You’re not alone if you find yourself daydreaming about a certain food — there are both physiological and psychological reasons why cravings pop up. When you’re trying to lose weight it can feel

    This Bad Habit Could be Undermining Your Weight Loss

    Feeling like you’re eating well but not seeing any weight loss is a common, and frustrating, experience. One main culprit: estimating your portion sizes. Here, a look at the main problems with t

    Why Maintaining Weight Can Be Trickier Than Losing Weight

    So much attention is focused on how to lose weight that once the weight is off, we’re left wondering: now what? Weight maintenance is an equally big challenge. It can be nerve-wracking to increa

    8 Healthy Whole Foods That Could Slow Weight Loss

    Eating mostly whole foods in lieu of processed ones is a common weight-loss and maintenance strategy. And it’s a good one, because fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and lean proteins are likely to

    Are Fiber Supplements as Good as The Real Thing?

    Fiber deservedly gets a lot of attention from nutritionists — “it’s important for everything from regulating digestion to controlling blood sugar and reducing cholesterol levels,” says Claire Vi

    The Science Behind HIIT Post-Workout Hunger

    High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most popular forms of exercise thanks to benefits like better cardiovascular health and a higher calorie burn with a smaller time commitment

    5 Strategies to Eat Slower and Lose Weight

    When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s helpful to track calories and macros and use tools like measuring cups and food scales. While these strategies work well, they can work even better when c

    5 Tips for Staying Social (and Drinking) During the Holidays

    Holiday party season can be bittersweet for anyone trying to keep their weight in check. While it’s a joyous time and an amazing opportunity to connect with friends, colleagues and loved ones, h

    Why Consistency Beats Perfection For Losing Weight

    If you want to lose weight or gain muscle, it often feels like there’s no room for error, especially when it comes to your diet. However, according to nutrition experts, a streak of eating “perf

    12 Ways to Stop Yourself From Overeating

    Chances are you’ve heard of intuitive eating. One of the biggest advantages of this approach is that you can use internal hunger and fullness cues to help you decide when you’ve eaten enough. Of

    This Small Tweak Can Offer a Big Boost to Workout Motivation

    These days, most people have heard of body positivity, especially anyone interested in health and wellness. There are even body-positive gyms and workouts cropping up worldwide, which offer safe

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