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    Healthy Guide for Traveling to the United States

    Hamburgers. French fries. Deep-fried chicken. It’s easy to understand why many consider the United States to be an unhealthy travel destination—the food options

    Tips for Vegan Travel

    Although there are millions of vegans all over the world, it’s not always easy to maintain this lifestyle when traveling to new places. From limited food option

    Tips for the Healthy Foodie in Mexico

    If all the excitement of Cinco de Mayo raised your interest in Mexican cuisine but has you worried about your diet, don’t assume you’ll have to throw your healt

    Tips for Eating Healthy in Italy

    I know what you’re thinking. A trip to Italy equals endless amounts of delicious pastawhich also happens to equate to needing a new wardrobe when you return hom

    The Best Places in the World for Healthy Eating

    If you can’t commit to eating healthy foods during vacation, why not choose a destination where it’s difficult to eat poorly to begin with? Oxfam International,

    The World’s Best Ski Towns for (Healthy) Foodies

    There’s nothing more enticing than the typical greasy cafeteria fare—pizza, hamburgers, fries, etc.—that’s kept lukewarm under a tiny little light bulb at the s

    Best Foods and Meals for the Health Conscious Traveler

    We all know how difficult it can be to stick to a healthy diet when traveling. Whether you’re visiting a friend for the weekend or going on a weeklong vacation

    Tips for Managing Food Allergies on a Cruise Ship

    For anyone who suffers from a severe food allergy, you give strict attention to the ingredients in your kitchen and are on guard whenever you eat at a restauran

    Is it Safe to Take That Taxi? Tips for Travelers

    As summer draws to a close and travelers are scrambling to squeeze in one more trip, its a good time to revisit the WHO Study of Global Road Safety. Its great t

    Help For Travelers With Food Allergies

    Theres been a lot of attention paid to food allergies in the last couple years. But what happens to folks with food allergies when they travel overseas? At leas

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