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    Tips for Eating Healthy in Italy

    I know what you’re thinking. A trip to Italy equals endless amounts of delicious pastawhich also happens to equate to needing a new wardrobe when you return hom

    Healthy Eating Tips From Around the World

    When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, there are tons of valuable lessons to be learned from cultures around the world. While there is no single country t

    The Best Places in the World for Healthy Eating

    If you can’t commit to eating healthy foods during vacation, why not choose a destination where it’s difficult to eat poorly to begin with? Oxfam International,

    Eating Healthy in the Airport: An Infographic

    The healthy thinkers at Purple Parking, a company that provides airport parking services in the UK, have created this visual guide to help you eat healthily at

    Eating Horsemeat Around the World

    So, you heard about those delicious Swedish meatballs that are made from horsemeat. And, if you’re American, you likely recoiled in horror, spat out a few choic

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