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    Really Gross Foods Around the World

    One of the reasons we travel to exotic and faraway locations is for the thrill of adventure. Seeing new sights, experiencing new cultures and, of course, trying

    Healthy Eating Tips From Around the World

    When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, there are tons of valuable lessons to be learned from cultures around the world. While there is no single country t

    Alcohol Consumption Around the World

    Whether you’re winding down for the day or out celebrating a friend’s birthday, a glass of wine or a micro-brew is usually revered as the perfect companion for

    Tea Time Around the World

    When it comes to drinks, tea is one of the most popular in the world and there are tons of reasons why so many people love it. For one, it’s good for your heal

    Horsemeat Around the World: An Infographic

    A few weeks ago, we addressed the topic of horsemeat and your chances of encountering it around the world. As a follow up, please enjoy this infographic, All th

    Eating Horsemeat Around the World

    So, you heard about those delicious Swedish meatballs that are made from horsemeat. And, if you’re American, you likely recoiled in horror, spat out a few choic

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