Monday, October 2, 2023

    Air Flight Safety (And the Rest of the Week in Travel and Health)

    This week in travel certainly started on the wrong foot, when a plane traveling from South Korea crash landed in San Francisco this past Sunday. Out of the 307

    Best Spa Travel Destinations

    If you’ve ever wished your hour-long deep tissue massage could go on forever, there is a way to continue being pampered for a little longer. You could always ta

    Cockpit Stupidity: This Week in Travel and Health

    There were plenty of shenanigans in cockpits this week. It all sounds kind of cute and playful, until you realize that, as a traveler, you’re putting your life

    This Week in Travel and Health

    We’re all about anything that makes travel a little more convenient and a little less stressful, and this week there were several good articles that help to mak

    Alcohol Consumption Around the World

    Whether you’re winding down for the day or out celebrating a friend’s birthday, a glass of wine or a micro-brew is usually revered as the perfect companion for

    Tea Time Around the World

    When it comes to drinks, tea is one of the most popular in the world and there are tons of reasons why so many people love it. For one, it’s good for your heal

    Healthy Travel Dining on a Budget

    The words “healthy food” and “budgets” typically don’t go together. The foods that our wallets love (i.e. McDonalds, Taco Bell) are the exact foods our bodies d

    Horsemeat Around the World: An Infographic

    A few weeks ago, we addressed the topic of horsemeat and your chances of encountering it around the world. As a follow up, please enjoy this infographic, All th

    Tips for Managing Food Allergies on a Cruise Ship

    For anyone who suffers from a severe food allergy, you give strict attention to the ingredients in your kitchen and are on guard whenever you eat at a restauran

    Top Five Beverages: The Good and the Bad

    In addition to choosing healthy snacks when you’re traveling, you should give equal attention to your beverage choices. As you can see from the list below, calo

    Healthy Travel Snacks

    When preparing for an upcoming vacation, how many of you take time out of doing laundry, folding clothes, confirming trip details, etc. to pack snacks for your

    Eating Horsemeat Around the World

    So, you heard about those delicious Swedish meatballs that are made from horsemeat. And, if you’re American, you likely recoiled in horror, spat out a few choic

    Eat Like You’re in the Mediterranean

    There’s nothing like a Mediterranean vacation. Not only are countries such as Italy and Greece rich in history and culture, but they’ve also been found to some

    Drink This, Not That: A (Sort of) Healthy Guide to Spring Break

    If you’re daydreaming about your upcoming spring break vacation, you’re probably thinking about that vibrant tropical drink with fruit slices and those delicate

    Traveling Responsibly: Part One – Safely sharing the road with riders

    Last week, the Freakonomics blog cited two studies showing that, at least in their specific locales, the overwhelming majority of bicycle and motorcycle crashes

    Is it Safe to Take That Taxi? Tips for Travelers

    As summer draws to a close and travelers are scrambling to squeeze in one more trip, its a good time to revisit the WHO Study of Global Road Safety. Its great t

    You’re Grounded! (But you don’t have to be)

    An estimated 20% of adults have a fear of flying (aka aviophobia, aviatophobia and aerophobia), and the recent news regarding devastating airline crashes is cau

    Help For Travelers With Food Allergies

    Theres been a lot of attention paid to food allergies in the last couple years. But what happens to folks with food allergies when they travel overseas? At leas
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