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    6 Bloat-Causing Foods and Their Alternatives

    About half of bloating and gas woes are caused by swallowed air — the other half is due to what you’ve had to eat or drink. When the gastrointestinal tract can’t move food through efficiently, o

    5 Times You Should Ignore the Scale

    Experts are torn about whether or not you should weigh yourself daily. The number on the scale is just one piece of the puzzle and doesn’t always accurately represent progress and overall wellne

    Gout Is on the Rise (Here’s How to Prevent It)

    With rising obesity and more meat consumption, gout is back on the medical radar — and even keto and low-carb diets may have an effect on risk. Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that affe

    Sweat More, Eat Better? Science Says Yes

    Is there a correlation between the amount of time you spend at the gym and the number of calories you consume? Yes, according to a new study published in the International Journal of Obesity. Re

    6 Healthy, High-Protein Foods Beyond Red Meat

    Now that high-fat or high-protein diets are popular, it may seem like you have carte blanche to load up on red meat. However, regardless of what type of eating plan you’re following, red meat is

    Ask the RD: Should You Cut Calories When You’re Injured?

    When an injury occurs, it takes time for your appetite to adjust to reduced activity. This is when people make the common mistake of second-guessing how many calories to consume. Rather than foc

    5 Mindsets to Avoid if You Want to Lose Weight

    Breaking through a weight-loss plateau to reach your goal and ultimately shift your focus to weight maintenance can be a major challenge for anyone trying to lose weight. While you can create he

    Is Raw Sugar Better For You Than Refined?

    When trying to eat healthier, one common strategy is opting for more nutritious versions of foods you already eat. For example, you might choose whole-grain bread in lieu of traditional white, o

    Why a Vegan Diet Could Lead to Weight Loss

    If you want the needle on the scale to move, it might be helpful to steer clear of meat, eggs and dairy products. Adopting a vegan diet helped overweight participants lose weight and fat mass an

    Why Walking 10,000 Steps a Day Is Arbitrary

    Whether you’re new to walking or just looking for an easy way to reach your weight-loss goals, you’ve likely heard the advice you should aim for 10,000 steps a day. For most people, this transla

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