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    Hand and Foot Care for Men

    Mani-pedi (hand and foot care) isn\'t just for metrosexuals. Men who work hard and play hard need to pamper their hardworking hands and feet to keep them healthy.If your hands are as rough as sandpaper

    Proper Exercise Technique

    If you don\'t use proper exercise technique when working out, you run the risk of injury. Our safety tips will ensure you have a fun - and a safe - workout.Loud grunting. Sweat left on benches. Chattin

    Standing Desks

    A standing desk can help combat the dangerous health consequences of too much sitting. Check out this new ergonomic workplace solution.Regular exercise and a healthy diet and lifestyle may not be enou

    Wildlife Wednesday: Giant Otter

    They’re big. Really big. Learn just how big they are on this Wildlife Wednesday.Let’s pretend that you’re visiting South America, exploring (in an eco-friendly way, of course) the mighty Amazon River,

    Discovering Nature's Diversity in Costa Rica

    At Finca Luna Nueva in Costa Rica, biodynamic farming principles are used to grow an array of crops including turmeric and ginger.alive senior editor Ellen Niemer visits the Finca Luna Nueva Ecolodge

    Wildlife Wednesday: Black-Footed Cat

    They’re small, fuzzy, and adored by many a spider-hater. On this Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the black-footed cat!If it looks, meows, and purrs like the common house cat … in this case, it’s still

    Gleaning Fresh Food

    Gleaning (gathering leftover crops after the harvest) is growing in popularity today. Many times, the food is given to those in need.As the summer sun ripens this year’s bounty of fruits and vegetable

    Wildlife Wednesday: Borneo Pygmy Elephant

    \"Jumbo shrimp,\" \"pygmy elephant\" … What will they think of next? Learn about this walking, trumpeting oxymoron on Wildlife Wednesday.While they haven’t reached the same level of fame as “jumbo shrimp,

    Wildlife Wednesday: Marine Iguana

    Learn why you should never, ever challenge these particular reptiles to a breath-holding contest on this Wildlife Wednesday.How long can you hold your breath? A minute? Maybe a minute and a half?No ma

    B the Change!

    Many companies are redefining what it is to be successful by becoming B Corp certified. Learn more about one of them.“We have the potential to positively affect the world.” These may sound like the ra

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