Monday, October 2, 2023

    Paul L. Underwood


    How You Weigh Yourself Matters

    The children’s television host Mister Rogers famously weighed himself every day after going for a swim. Such was his consistency in diet and exercise that, every day, he weighed exactly 143 poun

    How Georges St-Pierre Gets in Fighting Shape

    If you take four years off of anything, you’re bound to require a little extra work to get back into fighting shape. Take four years off of fighting — as UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre did prior

    How Fitness Trainers Tackle New Year’s Resolutions

    Maybe you’re a resolutions person. Maybe you’re not. But if you’re interested in fitness (and if you’re not, why are you reading this?) you know that nothing measured means nothing is gained, an

    10 Inspiring Mountain Climbing Movies to Watch This Winter

    I’m not a mountain climber. Probably never will be. Maybe you’re like me, too. (Or maybe you’re not, and you’re reading this from atop K2 via some incredibly strong Wi-Fi.) But I still think mou

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