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    Lauren Krouse


    The Weight-Loss Trick That Only Takes 15 Minutes

    If you’re trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you know quick fixes like fad diets and risky cleanses aren’t worth your time — but that doesn’t mean everything has to be such

    4 Ways to Support Your Friend’s Weight-Loss Journey

    Losing weight can be hard, but sometimes talking about it is even harder. If your friend, family member or partner is trying to shed some pounds and adopt a healthier lifestyle, you want to be a

    Sparking Weight Loss Could be as Simple as Visualization

    Staying focused is essential for any weight-loss journey. You might be working on creating healthy habits like eating more high-quality protein and sipping water throughout the day, but progress

    9 Motivation Tips to Boost Weight-Loss Success

    Whether you’re just beginning your weight-loss journey or struggling to lose those last few pounds, keeping your motivation up starts to become a struggle. “While you might think you just need t

    5 Meal Prep Mistakes That Make Weight Loss Harder

    When you’re trying to lose weight, one of the greatest favors you can do for yourself is plan ahead — especially in the kitchen. Keeping track of your intake, controlling portion sizes and prepp

    Experts Debate: Is Cardio or Strength Training Better for Weight Loss?

    When it comes to weight loss, most experts can agree on one thing: A calorie deficit (burning more calories than you eat and drink) is essential. While lowering your intake is one part of the eq

    7 Easy Tricks For Healthier Grilling, According to RDs

    Whether you’re headed for a neighborhood barbecue or cooking out in your own backyard, healthy grilling can seem like a challenge. After all, many traditional staples and sides like burgers and

    Is Light Beer the Diet Soda Equivalent?

    If you’re watching your weight and perusing the beer aisle, it’s tempting to buy a six-pack of light beer as a less-unhealthy option compared to regular, full-flavor beer. Research shows the sod

    8 Ways to Quit the Clean Plate Club

    If you grew up with your parents demanding you “clean your plate!” before you could leave the dinner table, it’s all too easy to carry the habit into adulthood. It’s an understandable move, too,

    Experts Debate: Is Apple Cider Vinegar a Health and Weight-Loss Fix?

    If you’re one to give health trends a try, chances are you’ve already heard about apple cider vinegar, aka ACV. This seemingly magical elixir has been linked to countless purported health benefi

    4 Ways to Beat the “I’ll Start Tomorrow” Trap

    If you’ve never had a morning workout routine, it’s much easier to write out an exercise plan for tomorrow than actually lace up your sneakers and drive to the gym before the sun is up. Whether you wa

    9 Simple Ways to Stack Habits for Weight-Loss Success

    Creating new healthy habits can be extremely difficult, especially when losing weight requires long-term changes to your diet, fitness, sleep schedule and more. But other habits — like brushing

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