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    Jessica Migala


    6 Healthy, High-Protein Foods Beyond Red Meat

    Now that high-fat or high-protein diets are popular, it may seem like you have carte blanche to load up on red meat. However, regardless of what type of eating plan you’re following, red meat is

    8 Easy Hydration Tweaks For Weight Loss

    It’s not just your food intake that helps you reach a healthy weight — but your sipping habits, too. “We can’t address weight without addressing health, and part of that puzzle is hydration,” sa

    How to Use Moderation as a Weight-Loss Tool

    The saying “eat everything in moderation” is among the most common diet advice, however, it’s not as straightforward as it may seem. “To me, moderation means that no foods are off limits,” says 

    Why Vacationing Can Help Your Weight-Loss Journey

    Vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but it can be easy to feel stressed if you’re just getting started with a new exercise and weight-loss plan. If you’re away from home, you’re probabl

    7 No-Cook, Hot-Weather Meal Prep Hacks

    If you’re a die-hard meal prepper, you’re probably hard at work on any given Sunday cooking chicken breasts, boiling a dozen eggs, roasting a rainbow of veggies and steaming a whole lot of brown

    Could Nature Help Curb Emotional Eating?

    Cravings have a way of taking over. Let’s say you really, really want a particular food — those gooey enchiladas at your favorite Mexican spot, an icing-covered pumpkin doughnut or a bag of salt

    What Happens to Your Body on Sugar

    Sugar is often maligned for a host of chronic health problems, most notably heart disease. Not only can consuming too much stand in the way of your goal to lose weight, but it can also crowd out

    5 Non-Scale Goals That Are Better Than Weight Loss

    In trying to become healthier, the popular New Year’s resolution has long been to try to lose weight, aiming for a certain number on the scale. However, for many people, the scale — with its con

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