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    Emily Abbate


    4 Dietitians Reveal 5 Common Weight-Loss Mistakes

    Losing weight not only involves scheduling time for physical activity, but it also requires making smart food (and beverage) choices. However, “the problem is the vast number of trends and misin

    5 Times You Should Ignore the Scale

    Experts are torn about whether or not you should weigh yourself daily. The number on the scale is just one piece of the puzzle and doesn’t always accurately represent progress and overall wellne

    3 Reasons You Regain Weight and How to Prevent It

    The process of losing weight can feel like a roller coaster. At first, you might be dropping pounds fast and it’s exciting and invigorating. Other times, something as simple as a work happy hour

    4 Summer Food Portions You’re Probably Getting Wrong

    Summer means spending more time outdoors — both when exercising and dining. Whether you’re packing dried fruit to take on a hike or enjoying an ice cream cone, it’s important to keep portion siz

    The Problem With Carb-Restricted Diets

    Whether it’s Atkins, Paleo or keto, these trendy fad diets have one thing in common — limiting carbs. Some research shows people lost more weight on a low-carb diet than a traditional low-calori

    6 Ways Social Media Can Help Fuel Weight Loss

    Whether you’re into Instagram or Twitter; Pinterest or Reddit — social media can be used in a smart way if you’re looking to lose weight. In fact, people who expressed positive sentiments about

    What’s a Better Workout: Walking Stairs or Inclines?

    There are a few things that are undeniably important for your health: eating a well-balanced diet, drinking a good amount of water, getting quality sleep, and of course, regular movement. A week

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