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    100 Soda-Free Days and 19 More Non-Scale Victories by MyFitnessPal Users

    This week, all we can say is our MyFitnessPal users are killing it. From biking 2,000 miles to cutting out sugar, there’s no limit to what you guys can achieve. We’re almost halfway through summer , and we can’t wait to see you all continue to reach your goals — on and off the scale. Here are a few exciting non-scale victories shared by users on the MyFitnessPal Facebook page this week:

    1. Getting back on the bike after 20 years

    2. Keeping inspiring mantras close to heart

    3. “Loving giving it all I have” — we couldn’t have said it any better

    4. A seriously hard-core ride

    5. Kissing old clothes and old habits goodbye

    6. Finding creative alternatives at social events

    7. Fighting the temptation to go overboard

    8. So many victories, so little time

    9. Keeping your goals at the forefront, even on a holiday

    10. Changing your life with healthy habits

    11. Getting ready to crush a triathlon

    12. Hiking with an extra special weight on your back

    13. Planning and cooking healthy meals for yourself

    14. Looking and feeling strong

    15. Celebrating 2,000 miles of pure victory

    16. All kinds of workout wins this week

    17. Conquering two weeks without sugar

    18. Seeing familiar sizes again

    19. Embracing awesome new challenges

    20. Fighting cravings 100 days strong


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