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    Lovely Lemon Balm

    Lovely Lemon Balm

    Feeling a little frazzled? Having trouble hitting the hay? Revitalizing lemon balm has got your back—from the kitchen to the medicine cabinet, this all-star herb does it all.

    Lemon balm is easy to grow and even easier to love. Long-known as the “cure-all” herb, this health and culinary heavyweight is thought to boost mood, summon sleep, relieve indigestion, and keep skin irritation at bay. Talk about a multi-tasker—luckily, lemon balm is just as useful as it is versatile. For a revitalizing summer treat, try lemon balm in:
    A refreshing tea
    Whether you drink it hot or cold, a lemon balm tea can do wonders for your mind and your stomach. Add fresh or dried leaves into lemonade, iced tea, or hot water. The herb may ease bloating and flatulence,  while sipping on a comforting cup of warm lemon balm tea before bedtime may help to relieve insomnia and anxiety.
    A blissful bath
    If one chaotic family barbecue too many has left your nerves feeling a little frayed, let lemon balm infuse your day with some calm. Soaking in a warm tub steeped with lemon balm relaxes tight muscles, reduces tension, and keeps skin problem-free. Fill a bath bag or old sock with lemon balm leaves and hang from the spigot as the water runs.
    A daring dinner
    Chopped lemon balm leaves boost dishes with a mild, lemon-like flavour, (surprise!) and make a great addition to omelettes, stews, sauces, salads, and organic meats such as lamb or poultry. Sprinkle a pinch into fruit salad or even your favourite muffin batter to add an unexpected summery twist.
    No-fuss lemon balm is simple to grow at home yourself. For tips on how to create your own healthy herb garden, check out our guide to DIY gardening.
    Do you have any tried-and-true ways of using lemon balm? Share the wisdom with us on Twitter or Facebook, or in the blog comments below.

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