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    Teaching Kids to Cook—and Care – Additional Resources

    Teaching Kids to Cook and Care

    Get your family involved

    Here are some organizations across Canada that will give your kids valuable experience helping high-needs communities access nutritious food.

    Kids Cook To Care, Toronto

    Volunteer your family at a monthly community meal, or find out how to help the organization meet its goal of expanding across Canada. KCTC also orchestrates events such as birthday parties for those looking to add meaning to their gatherings.

    Souper Kids, Calgary

    Kids ages 8 to 17 come together in this initiative from the people behind the wonderful Soup Sisters nonprofit, which operates coast to coast. With Souper Kids, young people learn healthy eating and cooking skills while making soup from scratch for peers in crisis.

    Winnipeg Harvest Family Nights

    Toddlers, teens, parents, and grandparents alike team up to help this hunger-fighting charity to sort groceries, bag bulk foods, and pack meal kids for clients. Spend time as a family while showing kids the fun and satisfaction of helping others.

    Carlington Community Chaplaincy Brunch Program, Ottawa

    You are your teens (16+) can help set up for and serve a free, healthy brunch to up to 50 community members in need at this monthly event.

    Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank, Halifax

    When school is out for a professional development day, kids are welcomed in to help clients find what they need in the food bank.


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