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    Coffee Addict: How to Get Your Fix Like a Local

    BonbonIf you’re a coffee drinker, you probably have at least one or two good reasons you reach for a cup (or two) of Joe each day: its taste and its power to get you going in the morning.

    But there’s plenty of other reasons that cup of coffee is an important part of your daily routine.

    Studies have found that coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the U.S. diet. In general, antioxidants have been linked to a number of potential health benefits, including protection from cancer and heart disease.

    The caffeine in coffee may help people with Parkinson’s disease with their movement symptoms; research shows drinking coffee may make you less likely to develop the disease at all. Other research has shown that coffee drinkers are less likely than non-coffee drinkers to have type 2 diabetes and dementia. They also have fewer cases of heart rhythm problems, strokes and certain cancers.

    So don’t put your daily java on hold just because you’re traveling and you’ll be far far away from your personal coffee pot or favorite coffee shop. Instead, take advantage of your destination’s way of getting a caffeine fix and drink your coffee like a local.

    Here’s what you should order when you’re traveling around the globe.

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do with a cup of espresso. It should be caramel colored with crema layer, which is a layer of foam, and you should drink it in one gulp.

    Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee and here the coffee drink of choice is called buna, which may be served with salt or butter instead of milk and sugar.

    Even if you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, request a cup of Café de Olla, which is spiced and brewed in an earthenware pot with cinnamon sticks. Before you reach for the sugar, know this this coffee drink typically comes presweetened with an unrefined dark brown sugar called piloncillo.

    Now that restrictions on travel to Cuba have been significantly loosened, you may finally have the opportunity to experience all that this country has to offer, including Café Cubano. It’s an Italian-style espresso shot with a unique taste from adding raw demerara sugar – this creates a sweet brown foam on top called espumitta.

    Get a taste of the Ottoman Empire era with Türk Kahvesi, which is a thick brew made in a copper pot with a long handle called a cezve. It’s typically served after a meal with chewy Turkish candy. Just be careful not to drink the thick layer of sludge on the bottom of your cup because you’ll be chewing on leftover grounds.

    Here order a cortado, which gets its name from the Spanish word for “cut.” This coffee drink is your simple espresso “cut” with s splash of milk. If you like your coffee with much more cream, order a lágrima, which is mostly hot milk with a splash of coffee.

    In between your beautiful glasses of red Spanish wine, order a café bombón – it’s a combination of equal parts of condensed milk and espresso. It’s often served in a small glass similar to a shot glass to show off the layers of black coffee and condensed milk. In order to keep these layers separate, the espresso is poured very slowly, often over the back of a spoon.

    Have you tried any of these? Do you have recommendations for what to look for in other countries?

    Photo from LatinListUSA.


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