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    Healthy Recipe: Pad Thai Spring Rolls

    Pad_Thai_Spring_RollsGluten free and Vegan!

    This fun and portable twist on classic Pad Thai is a great way to make this standby dish feel fresh and new. Rice noodles and wrappers keep this dish gluten free, and fiber rich vegetables bulk up each portion, making for a healthy and satisfying meal. Coconut oil is widely touted as a superfood, and boasts anti-inflammatory and balancing properties thanks to medium chain triglycerides. Coconut oil can even increase your energy expenditure, and help your body burn fat more efficiently. Use it seamlessly anywhere you’d normally use olive or vegetable oil. This recipe is a great way to use up extra vegetables; feel free to incorporate whatever you have on hand. This recipe makes for a great make ahead lunch, and travels well.

    Serves: 2
    Total Time: 35 minutes


    • 1 package rice noodles
    • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
    • 1 tablespoon sesame oil
    • 1 cup shredded carrots
    • 1 cup sliced mushrooms
    • 1 cup shredded cabbage
    • 4 scallions, chopped
    • 4 cloves garlic
    • 2 tablespoons tamari or soy sauce
    • 1 tablespoon mirin
    • 1 tablespoon peanut butter or sunflower butter
    • 2 tablespoons sweet chili sauce
    • 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro
    • 6 rice paper wrappers
    • Sweet chili sauce, to serve


    1. Cook your rice noodles per package instructions. Drain, and set aside.
    2. In a large sauté pan, add the coconut oil and sesame oil, and over medium heat cook the carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, scallions, and garlic until tender, 6-8 minutes.
    3. In a small bowl, whisk together the tamari, mirin, peanut butter, and sweet chili sauce. Pour over the vegetables, and toss to combine. Add the rice noodles, and toss to coat them evenly. Add the chopped cilantro, and season to taste with more tamari or sesame oil if needed. Remove from the heat.
    4. Soften the rice paper wrappers per package instructions. Place a small amount of pad Thai in each wrapper, and roll securely, tucking in the edges as you go. Serve with a side of sweet chili sauce to dip- enjoy!


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