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    The Ultimate Yachtie Hangover Cure

    watermelon fabulousIt’s been a long time since I’ve had a mind numbing, gut wrenching, soul-sickening hangover. In fact, I can’t imagine ever having one again.

    However, I still enjoy wine at times and if not properly combined with enough food and water, I wake up the next day feeling far less motivated to exercise and eat healthy than I usually do.

    Because I have a strong commitment to my overall health and fitness I will do whatever it takes to feel my best.

    The secret to waking up feeling motivated and healthy after a night of drinks is to get enough sleep and consume an abundance of water rich foods.

    Follow the Ultimate Yachtie Hangover Cure and watch how much quicker into the day you feel better.

    1. Drink 1 liter of water immediately upon rising before eating anything
    2. Eat a few dates or drink coconut water to get your blood sugar going and your body ready to exercise
    3. Do a moderate intensity walk, bike ride, swim or run outdoors
    4. Drink .5 a liter of water immediately after exercise
    5. Approximately ½ an hour after your liter of water, cut open a ripe, juicy watermelon and as enjoy to your hearts content.
    6. Watermelon does not stick around long in your belly as it is mostly water, so when your hungry again, drink a large smoothie with only water, fruit and additions like Chia Seeds, Hemp Hearts and Barley Grass.
    7. Continue consuming water and coconut water until lunch or if this is your lunch, continue until dinner
    8. Eat a healthy, light lunch or dinner
    9. Get to bed early

    Biggest Tip: Stay away from coffee and greasy heavy, “hangover” foods. These are not hangover cures. They make your body work harder while trying to heal from dehydration, exhaustion and processing alcohol. Your body does not need the adrenaline from coffee or the stimulation from junk food. What your body actually needs to feel healthy is hydration and sleep so the goal is to make it a priority whether or not you’ve had drinks the night before.

    Guest Author: Angela Orecchio
    Angela Orecchio loves being at sea and traveling as much as she loves health, fitness and making this planet a better place to live for all of us. She is currently a Chief Stewardess/Purser on a 50 meter yacht and has a certificate as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. To read more of her blog visit:


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