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    The Best Places in the World for Healthy Eating

    Farmers MarketIf you can’t commit to eating healthy foods during vacation, why not choose a destination where it’s difficult to eat poorly to begin with?

    Oxfam International, a confederation of 17 organizations that work together to resolve issues such as poverty around the globe, recently released a study ranking the best and worst countries for healthy eating. Overall, Western Europe held a majority of the top 20 positions.

    When it comes to the ease of finding a nutritious diet, the Netherlands took first place.

    Tied for second place were France and Switzerland. Third place included Denmark, Sweden, Austria, and Belgium. And coming in fourth place were Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg, and Australia.

    Countries with the lowest overall score included Yemen, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Angola, and Chad. In addition to factors such as famine and poverty, these countries face alarmingly high malnutrition rates and a high cost of food.

    To determine the rankings, a team of researchers at Oxfam analyzed data from groups such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. They then gave scores to 125 different countries depending on how much food is available, the nutritional value of the food, and how the diet impacts the nation’s health.

    Although some might have expected to see the United States higher up on the list, they ended up ranking 21st along with Japan. Oxfam researchers say the U.S. ranked on the lower side because of the way in which diet impacts the nation’s health, a factor that was measured by obesity and diabetes rates. Based on this criterion alone, the U.S. ranked 120th out of 125. Not surprising at all.

    So if you’ve been dying to see the Eiffel Tower or take a gondola down the canals in Amsterdam, now’s the time to do so!

    For more information on the study, check out the full report here.

    Photo from European Travelista.


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