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    Gluten-free Accommodations

    The Inn on Randolph - Laurel CottageThe Inn on Randolph is a charming home in downtown Napa that was completely renovated by owners Dan and Karen Lynch back in 2012. But the thing that makes it stand out?

    It’s completely gluten-free.

    Gluten, which is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, is in many of the foods you probably love—from cakes to pasta to even salad dressings. And even though going gluten-free is the trendy diet move to make these days, those who actually follow the diet for personal or medical reasons know exactly how difficult it is to do so.

    After being diagnosed with a sensitivity to gluten, Karen understood the rising problem facing travelers with a similar intolerance or Celiac’s disease, a condition that causes digestive and other health issues in those who consume the protein. Finding a gluten-free restaurant in one’s hometown was often a challenge; but traveling to another country proved to be even worse.

    “My meals while traveling were often substandard substitutes, such as being served a frozen gluten-free waffle instead of the prepared foods everyone else was enjoying,” said Karen. “I always felt like such a pain in the neck.”

    With her dietary restrictions and lack of food options in mind, Karen and her husband Dan decided to create a place where those with a gluten intolerance (or those who just preferred a gluten-less diet) could safely eat and completely enjoy their trip.

    “Everyone is served the same food and since we’re 100 percent gluten-free, there’s no risk of cross-contamination,” Karen said.

    In addition to serving meals that include salmon hash, vanilla pancakes, and Mexican soufflés, the Inn also offers gluten-free cooking classes to both help people learn how to cook gluten-free and bring them together for support.

    While our research didn’t turn up any other accommodations – anywhere – that are completely gluten-free, there are many hotels that do offer gluten-free products, such as bread, pastries, cookies, and waffles. But as global awareness of gluten sensitivities continues to rise, you can expect to see more restaurants and hotels that specifically cater to those with dietary restrictions.

    Since they may be difficult to find, it’s always a good idea to call ahead before booking your stay to see if they can accommodate your dietary needs.

    If you know of any hotels or restaurants that are gluten-free, share with us below!


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